This is where it all began. Many moons ago, we met. We fell in love and lived oceans apart. We wrote poems, songs, and spoke on the telephone for 9 hours a day. Three months later, we got engaged. We were in ecstasy, in love, but not long after came the laundry.  Boom. We fought. We made up. We laughed. We cried. We travelled and wrote songs about it. Friends came to hear us share our tales and songs of the heart. They seem to like it. We read 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' and accept that we are just different species.  We get married. Five years of water under our bridge, we continue to make music together, run yoga retreats and devote our lives to philanthropic activities around the world. We chant and write songs that is meaningful and conscious. Mantra is our medicine. It keeps us close and shatters us. It wakes us up to Reality. We still fight but somehow the love keeps getting deeper and deeper.

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vaani: [vah-Ni] (f.)  - वाणी

  1. the soulful, conscious-pop love child of singer-songwriter, Jo Mall Kahn.

  2. the inner voice, the essence of Self;

  3. the goddess of creativity, music and arts